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Even BIG pups fit in our XL Tub 🛁 we lo


We've all tried the home doggie bath. Let me guess, you usually end up with an aching back, doghair and mud splattered onto the walls of your bathtub, and a drain clogged with fur. Am I right!? 

All About Grooming offers the best self-serve pet wash and drying stations in Denton County! At a great DIY price!


Bond with your pet while you bathe them in our waist-high white Poly-Pet tubs. Bright lighting, adjustable temp water, professional sprayer and everything you need to freshen up your pup. We have a wide variety of shampoo and conditioner options. Tearless face wash ensures you can't accidentally get soap in your fur baby's eyes. Combs, brushes, fluffy towels and even a professional warm-air dryer are all within arms reach.


Want the NEXT LEVEL clean?! Use our Prima Bathing System (see it in action in the video below). It is available for your use in our Medium & Large Tubs (no additional cost!), it's like a car wash sprayer for your pup and we guarantee the deepest clean that simply cannot be achieved any other way!



Did your furry friend have a run-in with a skunk? (If so, please don’t get them wet! That’ll make the stink worse!) Instead, bring them to All About Grooming and use our specially-formulated de-skunking solution and rinse the stink away for good in our special wash tubs.

skunk clipart.jpg


  • waterproof smock

  • top of the line poly-tubs at waist height

  • bright lighting

  • professional grade flexible spray nozzle

  • pre mixed paraben & sulfate-free shampoos

  • pre-mixed coat conditioners

  • access to fluffy clean towels

  • a professional high velocity dryer with low heat

  • sanitized grooming tools at your fingertips

  • use of our Puppy Playground for potty breaks

Self Serve Dog Wash Prices

MD tub 


LG tub



Small Tub

1-25lb pups 


Medium Tub

26-70lb pups 


Large Tub

71-200lb pups 


New Prima Bathing System in Action!