How to care for my doodle's coat between
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Kuranda Dog Bed

Chew-Proof, Easy to Clean, Comfortable 

Highly recommended by us, we have over 6 of these beds and love how durable, easy to clean and beautiful they have proven to be.

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Grayhound Comb

Tapered 7.2" 

a must-have tool for maintaining your pup's coat at home. The key is, comb from root to tip in the direction of hair growth. Keeps loose hairs from becoming trapped, in turn, prevents matting. 

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Slicker Brush 

Soft Flexible Base

the partner to the greyhound comb is the Slicker Brush, use this first to break up tangles and free any grass burrs or debris from fur, go in direction of hair growth, follow up with combing root to tip. 

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